The project

JSP West - Jongeren servicepunt west, is a non-profit to help youngsters with all kinds of things in life, like how to do job interviews, handling money, etcetera. They didn't have any website at all, but had been operating for quite a while already. This meant starting completely from scratch - one of my favourite kind of projects.

The approach

First thing to do was schedule a meeting to really find out all the things that JSP does and is active in, and to collect all the information they want to have on their website. From there I would make wireframes for all the pages, which gave us a base to work from, finetuning the structure first. After that I'd make more detailed design of the homepage, to find a style direction, and to move to the development phase.

Wire framing

Finding a style

JSP targets youngsters with their website, but also professional partners they work with. I had to find a style that speaks to both, so we landed on a colourful color theme, with a primary color for each section.

Graphic design


Final result


We're already getting applicants through our job board! We're very proud of our new website.

- Dilly Timmer

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