The Challenge

Palladium has been an iconic restaurant and club in Amsterdam for the last 35 years, and will continue to be for years ahead. The owner had a clear view for the website: People need to see what it's like to be here. No pictures of food, but pictures of people eating. No pictures of cocktails, but people enjoying them.

The approach

Using the snapshots that guests have made themselves, we could incorporate the feeling of what it's like inside, right on the front page. We searched scoured the web, social media, and took our own iPhone to capture some great moments inside. The result is an honest view of what it's like inside Palladium.

Using snapshots to show the experience inside Palladium

Easy to manage CMS

There was another demand by the client: it has to be painless to change the online menu. Using the drag-and-drop fields that Craft CMS offers, it couldn't be easier.


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