The brief

Siilo is a new messaging app for medical professionals. They had a landing page, but needed a full-fletched website to not only promote downloading of the app, but also to share news, white papers and FAQ's for instance. There was one condition: they needed it fast. And by that I mean from wire framing to deployment in 5 days. A challenge indeed!

The approach

Exact content wasn't ready yet, which is a necessity for any content-driven website, yet I was racing against the clock. For efficiency we chose to build on an html template and give several content blocks in the CMS, to build future pages with. This called for Craft CMS to give it the flexibility this project needs.

The content builder

The idea is simple: in the CMS the user can choose between different content blocks, like a quote, copy, two columns with copy and images, etcetera. By adding blocks and filling them with content, the user can build it's own pages, while adhering to the style, sizes and locations that I've preset.

Each block has it's own set of variables, like background color, position, or whether it has a button or not. This way the layout stays within the style of the website, for example there can only be chosen between the preset colours.

Content Builder



Calling in Design Corps

For the styling of the landing page, setting fonts, colors and making app mockups, Design Corps came in to bless us with his vision and creativity.

Finding a way to visualise important features of the app and setting a coherent style throughout the website was of vital importance for this project.

NDsigned then integrated his design elements and graphics to create a coherent landing page that looks great and will definitely stay in the minds of their visitors.

Call to action

The most important goal of the landing page is - of course - to get people to download the app. Both on top and bottom of the page we placed a call to action that can't be missed!

I Phone


Considering the website is promoting an app - many people will be looking for Siilo on their phones, just to find the link to download it in the app/play store. So it's a given that the website has to be completely responsive, giving mobile users an easy to read and intuitive experience.

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