The challenge

The 'Kitekuda camp', also known as Sri Lanka kite school - was running a poorly maintained Wordpress website that no one knew how to update or manage. A design refresh wasn't really necessary, but an important goal was to have more call-to-actions, and a way to actually inquire to make a booking, instead of just sending an e-mail. SEO, speed and responsiveness were also high on the list

The approach

The camp has a school, shop, several accommodations, and offers a variety of services. I started re-structurising the content, making it easy to maintain prices and other changes in the CMS. Every service or accommodation needs a call to action next to it to ensure a higher conversion, and everything needs to be tested on cross-platforms.

A homepage that calls for action

Easy form on mobile

Kitekuda is a holiday destination - most people book or inquire when they're already traveling, which means mobile traffic counts for more than 42% of the visitors. Using easy-to-use sliders, dropdowns and date pickers we've made the experience on touch devices easy and fast. Instead of having to enter numbers manually, you just drag and drop the slider, checkboxes have been replaced with big on/off buttons similar to the iPhone's own UI, and the dropdown's have a large touch area.

Higher conversion

Not only has conversion risen significantly, the filled-in inquiry forms now forms the basis of the workflow that the manager uses to handle inquiry's and bookings. The backend allow's to add more details to the booking, export the file and send it to the client for review, all within the CMS!

Inquire Mobile
Seo Rank Boost

SEO & Analytics

Sri Lanka Kiteschool was quite high in the search rankings, thanks to our efforts to optimise the old site last year. Key point with this overhaul was to improve even more on this, making sure all meta-data was updated, all new JSON tags added, location info and social media details. We then made sure all old links would be redirected to their new ones to prevent dead links. Google crawlers were updated and significant improvement has been achieved!

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