You may already have a website, but need guidance in improving your results. I can consult in restructuring, search engine optimisation, setting up a social media strategy, or user experience testing. Simply need some new features or maintanance? I’m your guy!

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Webdesign & UI

My approach to webdesign isn’t limited to just designing. The power of a great website is how the content is presented and structured, because conversion is key! We always start with flow-charting, then wire-framing, before moving to design. With emphasis on human experience.

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Development is my strong suit. I strongly believe in delivering a website that can be painlessly maintained by the client without the need for extensive training. This is why I chose to specialise on the powerful Craft content management system, a flexible and powerful platform which you’ll fall in love with, guaranteed.

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A little bit about me

Born and raised in Amsterdam in '87, I had a natural interest in everything that either had buttons or a display. My first 'internship', aged 10, was building hardware PC's from scratch, and at 11 I started learning HTML and building websites. After finishing high-school and developing websites for clients, I decided life shouldn't be wasted away behind a screen and got my bachelors degree in Sports, Management and Business, while gaining entrepreneurial skills working in a startup called 'Borreltijd'. Having several jobs like private chauffeuring, skippering boats, waiting tables, teaching competitive sailing, and organising sports events, I'm a jack of all trades. All while keeping my coding and design skills fresh while studying.

Do what you love

Soon after graduating I ended up doing what I already loved: creating awesome digital products for great clients. Only now with a much broader knowledge in business, management and marketing. The combination of my business degree and self-taught design and development skills, allow me to acquire excellent knowledge of what the clients company does, what it stands for, and what the story is that it needs to tell through their website. This allows for an end-product of much higher quality.

"From concept to deployment, Niels is extremely creative and precise. He thinks along with our needs and how to present them online."

- Felix Mulder